Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Benefits of spicy food

ALL STORY - In Indonesia, there are many kinds of traditional foods that have a much different taste from each other. Spicy taste is one characteristic of Indonesian food. Spicy dishes, not only cuisine in the chili though. Still a lot of spices that can produce a spicy flavor. Apparently, spicy foods has many health benefits. Some health benefits of spicy food:

1. Lose weight.
In the chili, there are substances that have kapsain thermogenic effect. Kapsain substances can burn calories at a time when we chew food that has a spicy flavor. In addition, kapsain substances can increase the body's metabolism.
2. Healthy for the Heart.
By eating chili, the risk of heart disease is lower. Cayenne pepper can reduce bad cholesterol in the body, and kapsain can reduce inflammation.
3. preventing cancer
Kapsain also able to kill cancer cells and leukemia cells. In addition, other spicy condiments, such as turmeric, may slow the spread of cancer.
4. Lowering blood pressure.
Vit A and Vit C in peppers, can stretch the heart muscle. And the heat generated Lada, could the blood flow. This combination can produce a stronger cardiovascular system.
5. Reduce Stress.
Spicy foods, can produce hormones that can provide a sense of spring, such as serotonin. So it can help to dispel depression and stress.

That health info from ALL STORY. The Benefits of spicy food.Hope can be useful. I love food INDONESIA.

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