Wednesday, February 22, 2012



ALL STORY - According to rumors, Microsoft will launch the latest Windows OS, namely Windows 8. Scheduled to be released later this February. However, Windows 8 is still in beta or test version. Windows 8 provides the latest innovations and features many of the newer features. New features of Windows 8 has been reported to the public. Here's a preview of new features of Windows 8:
1. OS Windows 8 supports Tablet PC, Laptop, and Desktop.
2. Touchscreen. Because Windows 8 support for Tablet PC, Windows 8 is designed for touch screens. But, overall fixed data input using a mouse and keyboard.
3. Windows Store. An application marketplace for Windows 8. Like the Mac App store, in the Windows store, users can shop many supporting applications with ease
4. On Windows 8, no need to reinstall. In general, if it is a lot apliksai installed, the OS will slow down. And usually the user will reinstall. On Windows 8, the user does not have to reinstall. There is feature in Windows 8 Refresh and Reset. Refresh is a reinstall over without deleting data. And Reset, all data will be cleaned without exception.
5. Picture Password. Password with the movement on the screen. But, still can use the usual password system.
6. Internet Explorer 10. Kdapat browsing the Internet and offline browsing (look for data from the hard drive). There are features of InPrivate, DrawMode, and HTML5 support.
Those are some new features of Windows 8. And probably many more features of the new features of Windows 8 is not in the top. For the record, the above list is not certain, because Windows 8 is not yet released. May be useful. THX :) - ALL STORY


  1. Terima kasih sahabat atas berbagi informasinya ini

    1. sama sama :)
      terima kasih sudah berkunjung

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