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ALL STORY - Currently, futsal is very popular among young people. Basically, futsal is a game of football as soccer. Thus, in choosing shoes futsal, we must be careful. Choosing the proper futsal shoes in accordance with field conditions and convenient to use is an important factor in order, not easily injured leg. If you want to buy indoor soccer shoes, it's good to listen to a few quick tips on how to choose shoes futsal following:
1. Shoe material
Noting futsal shoe material is the most basic thing in choosing a futsal shoes. Many options futsal shoe materials.
- Leather Material. Excess futsal shoes are leather, excellent flexibility and convenient to move or dribling ball with the bottom of the foot.
- Cloth Materials. Excess fabric is futsal shoes, lighter weight, and easy to absorb sweat so that it can regulate humidity and temperature due to the porous texture.
- Materials Imitation. This material is not good. because futsal shoes made from imitation materials are easily damaged and torn. In addition, the shoe feels stiff making it difficult to move and uncomfortable.
- Besides the three ingredients that have been mentioned, is now being made of materials futsal shoe-making, such as carbon fiber material that is lightweight and strong.

2. Upper part of shoe.
In choosing a futsal shoes, notice the top of the shoe. Especially the front of the most commonly used for kicking. Vital parts of it must be ensured strength and comfort. Note the type of material used, suture, and the coating material therein.

3. Rear Shoes.
Make sure your shoes are sturdy heel support, not easily swept off, the soles soft and thick enough to withstand the impact the foot when running.

4. Stitches / Soles
A good shoe will use in the coatings made from soft, strong, and able to absorb perspiration from the feet. Soles should be thick enough to be selected because that is too thin soles can cause foot collision with the floor not properly damped. Over time, these collisions can cause injuries.

Those are some tips to consider when choosing indoor soccer shoes. So that it can play futsal with a safer and better. ALL STORY


  1. Thanks for the tips. Generally, choosing footwear may vary from every persons preferences but comfort seems like a constant criteria. Nice post.


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