Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips on Buying a Modem

Modem is a device most widely used computer to connect to the internet, especially through the telephone line. Modem stands for Modulator Demodulator. Modulator is in charge of changing the information signal into a signal (carrier) and is ready to be sent, while the demodulator is in charge of separating the information signal (which contains the data or message) from the received carrier signal so that the information was well received by reicever.
There are other types of modems include 3GP modem, GSM modem, analog modem is a modem that converts analog signals into digital signals, ADSL Modem, CDMA Modem, and Cable Modem.
In buying a modem, a lot of things to consider first. Here are a few things to consider when buying a modem:
1. needs
In this case, before buying a modem, you should think about the needs of what you want with the modem. Whether just surfing the internet or download files needs, or to complete your important work.
2. expenditure
In buying a modem, you should also think about the amount of your expenses in the use of modems. To purchase a modem device, the average price of hundreds of thousands of "dollars". While the inaugural GMS / CDMA prices vary from free or free of charge to tens of thousands of "dollars". If only for information purposes, you will not spend a huge cost. But if unntuk need to download and entertainment / gaming, the expenditure would be greater.
3. quality
The quality of GSM / CDMA is quite influenced by the quality of the manufacturer and use. If the modem heat up quickly, then it should be added the device USB cable.
Internet is the main signal. So before choosing a modem and the operator, first make sure the signal around the home / office avaiable and good enough for telecom operators internet service provider GSM / CDMA.


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