Wednesday, May 2, 2012



ALL STORY - For women, high heel shoes can help improve self-esteem. And, can enhance the sexy to users and can provide the effect of height. For women, using high heel is very helpful. On this occasion, ALL STORY will share information about the positive and negative effects of using high heel.

Following the positive impact using high heels for women:

1. High heels make legs look more elegant shapes and sections
2. High heels can support the appearance of your outfit
3. Use of High heel enhance the wearer's sex drive. According to a team of Italian researchers, women who wear high heels high heels with about 1-2 inches more fun when in bed compared with those who like to wear flat shoes
4. High heels make women look taller
5. Improving the pelvic floor muscles can

1. The use of high heels can cause injury to the ankle
2. Can inhibit blood circulation
3. The use of high heels can make the crooked toes
4. Disturbing the digestive system and exhaust system in the body.
5. Affect the reproductive system
6. The use of high heel can change the shape of the legs and body.
7. Maximal leg muscles do not work

Those are some positive and negative impacts of using high heel shoes for women. May be useful. - ALL STORY


  1. did not know about the blood inhibiting, thax for the valuable information

  2. Girls should learn about this info. Thanks!

  3. Nice Post man, its news was good, but not this post supposed to be aimed at women, whether you love the things of a woman?

  4. Thank you for this information.. I love to wear High Heels specially on work and special occasion..because it can give more best posture..add more to my height :)

  5. postingan yang bagus tentang effect of high heels shoes

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  7. Thanks for article…
    Yes, high heels are really bad for your feet and your back. It throws your spine out of whack.
    You might be able to get used to them if you where them a lot, kind of like a habit.

  8. To get the most from heels, it's recommended to practice walking in them before wearing them out. It gives them a chance to break in and the wearer a sense of what they will feel like before taking them out.

  9. this info is really helpful to my side coz its like am an addict to heels. and i think i should just put a stop coz i don't want my reproductive system to be disturbed

  10. Please correct the spelling and grammar errors in this blog. Thank you very much.
    Have a nice day.

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