Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gunungkidul Cuisine (TIWUL & GATOT)

ALL STORY - Gunungkidul is my birthplace. Gunungkidul located in the southeast of the city of Yogyakarta . In  geographical circumstances Gunungkidul and partly hilly territory is forest. Natural conditions are very green, making the air there is very fresh. Althoughmany cultures, friendly societies, mutual respect, no social strata, and each othermutual support, that's the state of society in Gunungkidul. In addition, manytraditional foods that I think is good and not in other areas.

"Tiwul and Gatot". Are two of the many specialties Gunungkidul. Tiwul substitute for riceis a food made from cassava. Ways of making it very complicated. Only certain people who can make a delicious tiwul. Cassava that has been dried, then made into flour. After the flour, then in sifted slowly into clumps resemble small grains of sand. After that, the cassava granules in uapkan until cooked. Colors will wage arather dark golden brown. Very hard to make tiwul.

Then "Gatot". Not as difficult as making tiwul. How to make Billy relatively easier. gatotalso made from cassava. Cassava in the drying up mushrooming. White on the surface, black on the inside. The smell was not pleasant. After that, cut into smallparts, then boiled until tender and cooked through. Mix with salt / sugar in order tohave a taste.

That's all. Two specialties Gunungkidul, easy to talk about, but hard to do. ALL STORY


  1. Enak niy tiwul, apalagi kalo dimakan pagi-pagi, beli dipasar Giwangan hehe, aku dari Jogja juga lho..tapi sekarang aku udah ga bisa makan tiwul lagi coz sekarang aku hijrah ke Pekanbaru..

    1. he'em,,, apalahi di ma'em pake ikan teri goreng, n sambel trasi,,, nyam nyam nyam,,,,
      pulang ajah sis!!! :)

  2. pengen nyoba Gatot khas gunung kidul, pasti rasanya enak banget..

  3. k bisa minta resepnya k,,pengen banget buat sendriri..
    Dktour Jogja


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