Saturday, February 25, 2012

Improve the performance of Mobile Java

Improve the performance of Mobile Java

 ALL Story - On previous occasions, has been discussed about how to "improve the android". This time, ALL STORY will share tips on "how to improve the performance of Mobile Java". Almost the same problem, more and more applications are installed, the device performance will be slower. Many factors can make it like that. Special local phone, this is often due to the generic hardware that was taken. That is even equipped with Java technology, RAM and the processor is sometimes not ready to accommodate additional applications. Here, some ways improve the performance of mobile java:

how to improve the performance of mobile java:

1. Remove unnecessary applications. By the way, go to Menu -> Java -> select the application -> options -> delete.

2. Clear the browser cache / cookies from memory, resulting in smoother internet browsing. How, go menu -> Internet -> settings -> clear cache -> yes.

3. Set the primary repository of data to external memory. And also, when installing an application, it should be stored in external memory.

4. Always turn off bluetooth when not needed facilities. With the always active bluetooth will drain the battery of the phone resulting slowing of employment.

5. Delete all data calls and the duration of the memory.

That is, some tips on improving the performance of mobile java. And probably many more other tips. May be useful. THX :) - ALL STORY


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