Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tips on Caring for the Touch Screen Mobile Phone

ALL STORY - Now the more prevalent type touch screen mobile phone. If we do not know how to care for her, touch screen mobile phone you would be easily damaged. For users of touch-screen mobile phone, here are some ways of caring for a touch screen mobile phone.

1. Attach a safety screen pastik your mobile phone with scratch-resistant.
2. Do not place the phone near the area / electronic items that have a magnetic field.
3. Do not place the phone in a place that could be exposed to direct sunlight, because it can damage the crystal LCD touch-screen mobile phone you.
4. Frequently clean the screen with a soft cloth.
5. Replace the casing with the original, because the casing is usually not fit to counterfeit mobile body so that it can damage the LCD.

That is, the tips that can be bonded ALL STORY about how to care for the touch screen mobile phone. thx


  1. Follow back success, and thank you !

  2. Sukses buat blog nya mas,,,,info yang bermanfaat,,,,,

    1. makasih mas,,, msh newby ni,,, msh awam,,, mohon support nya

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