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10 Character Hollywood Film What's In Real Life

Sometimes we often see a Hollywood film, a compelling story or characters that are not all fictional characters from Hollywood movies, they even exist in real life. Below will be a character in the film, look and see all the action:
First John McClane - Die Hard 1-4 (1988-2007)In real life: Ken Hammond

Events in Die Hard movie is slow not only a story in the film, because a police officer, who is from Utah named Ken Hammond never experienced anything like a shootout in the movie. The story began when he was with his pregnant wife after gunmen opened fire on customers department store in Salt Lake City. Hammond said his wife to hide, so he took his gun and helped attract criminals. "I have a gun and I think I need to do something no matter where I am,. If I had as many people as possible to protect and prevent the murder, I have to do," said Mr. Hammond has in common with the main character in the film.Both Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2007)In real life: John Rackham (Calico Jack)

Rackham is 18 - Century pirates, palaian (Calico) and often involved in disputes in love with some woman, and Jack Sparrow. A woman had to use Anne Bonny, men's clothing to mislead the pirates, because he was on a pirate ship, this incident is similar to the story in the film. Unfortunately at the end of the story, Rackham has not returned from his death (not like Jack Sparrow), but he was arrested by the British and hanged in Port Royal. His body was placed in a cage and left to rot.Third Doc Emmet Brown - Back To The Future 1-3 (1985-1990)In real life: Ronald Mallett

Mallett, a professor at the University of Kentucky, lost his father when he was little. Since then he has been inspired by the HG Wells novel "The Time Machine", he struggled to his father with the idea of ​​time travel back to life. "I think if I could create a time machine, I would in the past and met my father and warned him his life in the future." So far, Mallett is just an idea about the speed of the laser, which opens to the deformation of a few. Such devices may be able to operate the machinery is modern car, "DeLorean" is used to describe the film.4 Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (2001), The Cradle of Life (2003)In real life: Sue Hendrickson

Hendrickson is an amateur fossil hunter, underwater archaeologists and explorers. He found a fossil whale in the desert in Peru, 23000000 butterfly in the stone he found in the bucket, diving, a pearl in the Caribbean, revealing treasures of Egypt near Alexandria to find Chinese porcelain was found 400 years, and in 1990 the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton found today. "I'm just doing what I dreamed as a child, like digging dinosaur skeletons, the search boats sunk in the depths of the ocean." But anyway, Hendrickson was not wearing a skin tight dress as Lara Croft.5 James Bond - all the James Bond films (1962-2006)In real life: Sidney Reilly

In the early 20th Century in the field of espionage, nothing can be compared with Sidney Reilly, initially in Russia, who worked together for four countries. He has changed a great job in terms of their appearance, dressed as an agent to perform, he was always synonymous with murder, money and women. Delighted to continue kill Reilly trip to Moscow in 1918 by Lenin and continued with the same enthusiasm, the wife of Russia's minister for information about the shipment of weapons to seduce Germany. Unfortunately, the Russians captured and executed in 1925.6 Rocky Balboa - Rocky 1-6 (1976-2006)In real life: Chuck Wepner

"My whole life I've been trying to survive if I could handle in the Marine Corps, I thought I would be long enough to live in order to compete with Ali .." Wepner, boxer from New Jersey, at the end of his career is a great opportunity to fight for the title to Muhammad Ali. No one believed him, but he was beaten until lap 15, he still tetep. After that, the victory was awarded to Ali for technical knockout. Wepner was even able to ninth round knockout Ali "Hey, I beat him!" He said the coach, Bufano, during the break. "Yeah, but it seems very excited now."7 Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones 1-4 (1981-2008)In real life: Hiram Bingham III

Bingham was an archeologist who has defied death and more extreme. It combines exceptional intelligence (he graduated from Harvard, Yale and Berkeley), with a passion for adventure (he was a fighter pilot during World War II). In 1911 Bingham was to explore the Andes to search for the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, and even wrote a bestselling book. "Suddenly I saw the wall of a ruined house seems a long time. Most of the buildings by trees and moss covered, but in the shade of the bushes and bamboo granite walls appear white wine," he said during his adventures.8 Danny Ocean - Oceans Eleven (1960 & 2001), Ocean Twelve (2004), Ocean Thirteen (2007)In real life: Victor Lustig

Do you think that stealing the wealth of Las Vegas Casino is a big problem? Then try the Eiffel Tower, the buyer of scrap metal for sale. This is not the only one who succeeded Victor Lustig loloskan what. It has 45 aliases, can speak five languages ​​perfectly and was arrested 50 times, just in the United States. Born in Bohemia, it is undoubtedly the greatest villain that ever existed. Funny even $ 5,000 from the legend of Al Capone mob. Apparently it is more powerful than existing characters in the film.9 Clarice Starling - The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Hannibal (2001)In real life: Candice DeLong

Starling can be compared with the 20-year career in federal service DeLong. Institutions operating system and a criminal psychologist, he tracks terrorists, catch a serial killer and even helped take Theodore Kaczynski (the terrorists known as the Unabomber). "Most agents have a specific purpose. A-class to pursue a refugee in order to catch terrorists or dangerous for a child from the kidnapper I do everything to save anything," DeLong said after he retired.10 Quint - Jaws (1975)In real life: Frank Mundus

Forget trawling nets and other equipment to catch fish, if you are a giant man-eating fish, contact Frank wanted to capture. He has been a professional since 1951 and once caught a shark Shark Hunter, he got a great white shark weighing 1350 pounds, just 20 meters from the beach in Amagansett, New York. "During the summer the same time, I think there is one big fish, but the authorities told me to keep quiet, they do not want to go out to tourists," like in the movies.

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