Thursday, January 26, 2012

Important Points in Choosing a Android Tablets

ALL STORY - It is difficult in choosing a particular gadget tablet according to our needs. before buying, we must have a guide in choosing a tablet. so we are not wrong in choosing a product. The following points point to note in choosing android tablets.
1. note the OS (operating system)
today, some platforms that have Android in tablet cultivate in. ie, android froyo, gingerbead, and honeycomb which has the function of each. special android honeycomb, this OS is designed for tablets.
2. screen size
android tablets are available many types with different sizes. make sure you are comfortable in operating the tablet. example, for gaming the recommended selecting a size 10-inch tablet because it is more convenient.
3. features 3g or wi-fi
This feature greatly assist you in obtaining information on the internet. although, tablets that have this feature are more expensive, but this is very helpful for you.
4. memory capacity
the greater memory capacity, will increasingly help you in data storage.

I hope this information can help you in choosing a tablet android. thx - ALL STORY


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