Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things That Cause Poor Sperm Quality

ALL STORY - Male fertility is determined by the quality of sperm that is owned. To determine whether the sperm is good or not, he should check with your doctor through tests specially. Types of food, diet and habits of everyday life that are not healthy to make a poor sperm quality. The following are some things that lead to poor sperm quality:
1. drugs.
marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy pills would lead to men suffering from impotence or erectile weak and declining quality of sperm that can not fertilize the female's ovum.
2. alcohols.
Alcohol consumed much or little will disrupt the nervous system and makes blood vessels narrow so that it can mnyebabkan erectile dysfunction.
3. smoking.
inhibit the formation of the zygote because the nutrients is hampered by the narrowing of blood vessels due to substances contained in cigarettes.
Side effects of steroids was very dangerous because it causes liver damage, leading to high levels of LDL cholesterol, stunted growth, hair loss, kidney problems and infertility.


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