Friday, March 30, 2012

Tips On Caring Oily Hair

Tips On Caring Oily Hair

ALL STORY - Have Oily hair can be a problem for us. Typically, the oily hair will often look dull, and difficult to style. On this occasion, I shared tips on caring for oily hair:

Tips On Caring Oily Hair
1. Using a special shamppo for oily hair.

2. Rinse hair with cold water. Because if you use hot water, hair will become oily.

3. You can wash your hair every day. But the focus on the hair instead of washing it on the scalp hair, as if focused on the scalp, it can dry.

4. Use conditioner only at the ends of hair only. Avoid using a conditioner on the hair shaft near the root of the hair.

5. Oily hair is shiny look, so avoid using hair gel. It even makes the hair look very greasy and looks dull.

6. Do not comb your hair too often because of friction sparked a comb on the scalp of excess oil production. Apply lemon juice on the scalp and hair at weekends to reduce the oil on the hair and scalp.

That's some tips on caring for oily hair. May be useful and Good luck! ALL STORY


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