Monday, March 19, 2012

Extreme food in Indonesia

Extreme food in Indonesia
Indonesia is a country of many diverse cultures. Including a wide variety of foods. In Indonesia, a food can be an identity of a particular area. Here are some typical foods extreme Indonesia.

Extreme food in Indonesia:

1. Rujak Cingur (made of cows nose) - East java


2.  Lawar bali (made of  blood of pigs and pork) - Bali

3. Fried grasshoppers - Gunung Kidul

4. Sate Kere - Solo

5. Crocodile satay / Sate buaya (made of crocodile) - Sumatra and Kalimantan

6. Ulat Sagu - Papua

That's some extreme food typical of Indonesia. If you want to know what it's like, please come and try. It is all unbelievably delicious:-P


  1. Gahhh! Haha, will not eat those!

    Have a great weekend!

    The Pinoy Wanderer

    Btw, your English is good. Keep it up!

    1. just for share brada,,
      thx u, but I am still learning to use good English language

  2. good job, anwar. It's sounds so scary but once again Indonesia show th they're very rich with culinary. Where can I find crocodile satay?? I've been two years more live in Palembang but never found it...
    great to know that you're so excited improve your english :)

    1. just for shared,,,, Im also have not tried it,
      thx u

  3. OMG! Sorry but no way for me to try those. Thank you for the visit! Keep in touch :-)


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