Thursday, October 18, 2012

Detector Applications for Windows Phone

Detector Applications for Windows Phone

ALL STORY - you can make your Windows Phone into a detector . There are many Detector Applications for Windows Phone that you can use. Starting from the application of metal detectors, lie detector application, there's even a ghost detector applications. But, not all Windows Phone Detector Application  is functioning as the original. Sometimes, some applications just to mess around. Here are some Detector Applications for Windows Phone.
Detector Applications for Windows Phone

1. Detector Application : Ghost_Hunter_Pro

When you activate this detector application, there will be a ghost around you. This detector application raises no genuine ghost, in Applications aka tone detector warning "This is a novelty app for fun, not real hunting"

2. Detector Application : Age Scanner

This Detector Application uses fingerprint scanning system. After scanning the fingerprint, your age will be detected. Although just to mess around, Application Detector has a digital fingerprint display a nice and complete with a moving laser beam.

3. Detector Application : Lie Detector

When you use this detector applications, if any is detected speak lies will appear warning "It's a lie".

4. Detector Application : Metal Detector

This application detects metal detectors that surround ponsel. When you find a metal, the signal will turn red.

Those are some applications that can be detectors and use to play with your friends. - ALL STORY

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